Wednesday, August 4, 2010


zombie zombie dee
zombie zombie doo
whether latex, gelatin, or silicone
maybe i'm just bored of you...'s not's me, but i think it would be best if i just moved on!

so it's probably a mix of oversaturated media and my insatiable need for new and shiny things, but i'm kind of sick of zombies!

sick of making 'em, sick of seeing 'em.

i'm in the mood for some faster, smarter, meaner creatures. i want inspiring designs of monsters that strike fear on a supernatural level instead of just grossing people out by showing droopy flesh and coverering it in blood. Monsters that have an evil purpose beyond instinctual hunger. There is nothing pyschologically frightening about a zombie.
In Romero's newest SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD, there is so much emphasis on feeling pity for these creatures instead of fearing them, not to mention that it's done in such a cheesy way that it just becomes comical and dismissive.

i still love zombies...i do.

brought in an interesting alternative- fast zombies. unstoppable homicidal rage with no regard to self perservation is pretty frightening, i'll give ya that.

same thing and mixed with claustrophobia with QUARENTINE.

props also to DEAD SNOW for not only making the most outhouse and pooping related scenes ever in a zombie movie, but for making them intelligent, vengeful, and quite sadistic nazi zombies. (Not to mention having one of my favorite opening scenes of all time)

spoofs are also enjoyable, such as SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND did a good job, bringing ridiculousness to a whole new level.

but can we please please PLEASE can we see more monster movies?
(that aren't ruined remakes of 80's movies)

i have big ideas for my next project...a creature project...will update with progress!

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