Thursday, May 13, 2010


my mix of manic depression and memory of a goldfish always makes me forget how much i shut down during the winter months...hence no update since january. i really hoped that my kick-ass fall would last me through to spring, but colder...not to mention i was kinda unemployed and homeless for a little while, but hey, at least i made a snow troll!!!

SO! consider this my grand return to the world of ABSOLUTE NONSENSE!!

it started in a number of places. first, my friend vince kept writing these ridiculous stories and couldn't get anyone to read them. i told him the problem was it was the wrong medium- he needed visuals. so i swore to bring them to life...or at least try.
but also, while interviewing for my new job, I was absolutely shocked at despite my complete lack of bargaining skills, the companies were fighting over me and were offering me more and more stuff to win me over. when recapping what had happened, somehow the analogy evolved that all i would have needed to do is “QUACK” and they would have kept piling on the perks. i don’t want to give anything else away, because the concept spun into a comic strip, aptly named:

MR. DUCK TAKES OVER THE WORLD!(click to enlarge)
ok, so mr. duck still has some work to do...but he's making progress. his story may continue to be in comic form, or might progress into animation. i'm not sure yet.

but, i always seem to make my most ridiculous purchases on sundays. $200 of video games, $300 on wall decals (one being a customized clock for the bathroom that still makes me giggle...

so $200 on an animation program isn't too out of character for me. my new best friend is ANIME STUDIO PRO 6. I’ve had it for less than a week and i am already enthralled with all the possibilities of the software. within a few hours, i had created this masterpiece, which i’m sure there’s 1000+ people with the same exact thing because I was just following the tutorial, but it's still a source of pride and accomplishment. (at least until i make something better)

i now have a whole new program to putz around with, not to mention i need some serious drawing practice time to be able to animate anything, so it's back to work!!! but one of these days i shall recap all my crazy adventures outside the lab. hehehe...

EDIT: i just realized why i love the concept of animation...i can do everything myself from start to finish. i can complete something all by myself without A RELIABLE CREW OR FANCY EQUIPMENT, which has been my downfall every time i try to shoot on film. it might take me 3 years, but i have pencils, paper and a bad-ass computer with all the software I could need, so fuck all the lazy or preoccupied mother fuckers that have made it impossible to get anything DONE!

yay! yippee! yahoo! yayyy!