Friday, August 20, 2010

Life Artistry: a word to humanity

I declare myself a lot of things. conceptualist, artist, designer, philosopher, muse, adventurer, etc...but I think I will coin the term: Life Artist. That is, someone that truly creates the ever-evolving world around them.

I can't say that I understand most people, but after meeting enough of them, I get the distinct impression that I AM the freak.

But see...I just don't like the way the machine of humanity works. I see a vast sea of mediocrity fueled by two things: unoriginality and laziness. Which one is the bigger evil? I don't know.
If you can't find hobbies and have interests and passions that are beyond hanging out in bars and drinking, or watching television, or laying on a beach working on your tan, than you are lazy. And if these things really do hold your interest enough that you don't feel the need to look for anything else in life, than you are a cookie cutter human and the core of mediocrity. If you realize this and still accept it, then you are simply an idiot.

We all learn to read and write. We learn to tie our shoes and to eat with utensils. We learn to speak complex languages and computer programs...yet the SKILL of learning what makes us happy is hardly ever nurtured. When we are young, we are basically handed a booklet on how to be normal. Some people reject it...most people don't. Why question and criticize? Do we need to learn long division for a test we can use a calculator on? I write my own handbook...and it's written in my own language, nobody else is capable of reading it, and there are a LOT of notes, erasure marks, and edits.

Creativity is not about being able to draw or paint, it is about expressing a passion, whatever form that may take is completely individual. The people I have tried to surround myself with are all passionate in their own way. My one friend cooks the most unbelievable food and loves having other people eat it. Another is enthralled with cycling and creates events to bring other enthusiasts together. Another created an entire lingerie brand when everyone told her she was crazy. Another one captures the most breathtaking photographs. Another dedicated his time to writing incredibly imaginative, innovative stories. Another performs music in nyc dive bars. Another puts his life force into anything he sculpts.

Why? Because they love what they do and that's the only answer ever needed...

My instinct is to not accept things as they are if they don't suit me and I have lived my life accordingly. But it has been hard. It's a constant exhausting pursuit of something which has no name. I truly hope to never find the destination. I don't believe it even exists, not that it would matter.

I don't believe in God. If he does exist, I'll send him a thank you card for creating the best playground ever! Beyond being born, I take complete responsibility for my life, my triumphs and failures, my happiness...or unhappiness. Relying on a higher power to influence your life and your world is the epitome of laziness.

I don't believe 99.9% of people get married because they are in love. We just ping our needs out into the world like sonar unto someone pings them back, then we cling onto each other for dear life pretending it's much more special than it really is, especially when the needs are shallow to begin with. It is so EASY to become a part of sanctioned society. Get married, settle down, have children...gee there aren't enough people that want that...whereEVER will you find someone like that??? you know how FRUSTRATING it is to find like minded people when you are commited to NOT being boring?

There are some people that have the fire in them, but require a spark. This is how I became a muse, quite by accident, but it became a habit to inspire those that needs the push to become who or what they wanted to be or do what they wanted to do. In a world filled of fear and doubt, most people mentally defeat themselves before they start, but if you have ever been around for someone that accomplish something that they've always wanted's the most beautiful thing on earth. They've just created their own happiness. :-)

Sorry for the serious post...back to nonsense tomorrow...promise...


  1. yes please..please..please...back to nonsense!!LOL!

  2. Holy shit, Morgan. That was beautiful. You have so perfectly articulated the frustration I've had with the rest of the world since...well, as far back as I can remember feeling anything. This: resonates.