Monday, September 21, 2009

JELLO WRESTLING: A social commentary by Devorador de Cerebro I do not consider myself a very talented party planner, I usually avoid it like the plague because they are always a bust, but once in awhile I come up with an ingenious plan that I think can only be executed by someone as mad as i. so i set out to make the event of the century in my back yard. one that no one could possibly refuse. not only is there food and drinks galore, enough to make anyone else's BBQ a complete success, but I provide entertainment for all and a once-in-a-lifetime chance for those daring enough to enter the ring. i talk about it for months and ask around so i can get a feeling for the crowd and get a great response. everyone wants in! everyone knows people that want in! everyone can't conceive of a better idea! fair enough, i was in complete agreement and with costume in hand and a kick ass Luchadora name, i got to work! to get everyone into the idea further, i started with this amazing flyer and then it was funny pictures of bill cosby endorsing the party and then pictures of hot girls wrestling. and not only would it be my kooky friends, but my roommate grew up in the area, has tons of friends, worked at hooters for god's sakes and knows a lot of hot girls as well as guys that like hot girls. where could i go wrong? i planned on a big ass party, where we'd have to organize wrestlers and matches and it would be chaos and probably have the cops called by at least one neighbor!

so slowly becomes very apparent that this was not the extraordinary idea that i thought it was. i start getting calls, texts and emails of everyone's excuses. i shoulda known once only 2 people got my thunderdome reference in the invite. so the list dwindles to a handful of people that drove at least an hour to come and i've only known for a few months, where as people that i've known for years and encouraged the idea all along...bail. i think i'm more
dumbfounded than upset at how dinner with a friend or ::enter lame excuse here:: would ever be more fun than what i was offering. it boggles my mind. on top of that, my roommate/co-host's friends are NOWHERE to be found either...on any given night of the week, my living room can be packed with people for absolutely no reason...but for an actual party everyone disappears? most people really hate fun this much?

::throws away old friends and hugs new ones::

FOR THE RECORD IT WAS STILL AN AMAZING AMAZING DAY! AND HERE'S THE PROOF! is for this reason that I am once again opening the lines for the friend applicaion...because there will be people that will read this post and will be just as outraged and disappointed as i am about this travesty and wouldn't have missed this for the world and we need to unite. Will you receive a golden ticket???