Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I'm pretty sure i can accomplish anything when my mind is set on where's is my mind...and why isn't it cooperating???

UPDATE*- BRAIN SEEN IN EGYPT with a suntan 1.14.10

hey, where you going with that?!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It wasn't just a was a

anyone that knows me has seen this gem among the many boardgames tucked away in one of my cluttered closets and wondered...

"what the hell is that...and why does it creep me out just looking at it?!"

well, i am here to tell you about the best board game in existence, folks. what's that? you don't like board games?! Well, go watch some football, jocko...this blog is for the nerds!!

The game comes with an hour long VHS tape and the GATEKEEPER punishes and rewards the players along their journey around the board. the idea is to be the first to collect 6 keys in order to beat the other players while dealing with the madness that the GATEKEEPER instigates. And everytime he refers to you, you MUST answer:

If nobody gets all 6 by the hour long tape...the GATEKEEPER wins and you all die!!!! (and he's definitely a no one wants that)

You can actually play the entire game online now because some genius decided to post it in 10min increments on youtube- LINK! *bing* but you couldn't play without the board, cards, and the rest of the i guess this is only really helpful if your VCR ate your tape??

i have yet to try the "updated" (yet still vintage enough to only be available on ebay) version of NIGHTMARE, which is ATMOSFEAR, but just the play on words in the title makes it far subordinate to the original. the only appealing aspect is that they use a DVD that randomizes the host's interferences, so there's more variety between games.

i am proud to announce that i am now the very proud owner of NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOT THREE!!!! BUT FOUR nightmare games. they are getting to be more and more rare on ebay, but this crazy canuck just sold me the remaining three games that i have debated buying for years.

BEHOLD!i will be updating this post with my reveiws on the other games once they are played properly, which i plan on hosting a marathon this weekend!!

II is hosted by the zombie BARON SAMEDI
III is hosted by the witch ANNE DE CHANTRAINE
IV is hosted by the vampire COUNTESS ELIZABETH BATHORY


Friday, January 8, 2010

Strange Times, these are...

...and luckily we're the ones making them strange!!!

i wish I had an explanation for these...

no. wait. no, i don't...