Friday, March 18, 2011

Jewish Disney?

I'm not trying to sound racist, but there must be one artist at Disney that LOVEEEEES the jewish ladies, because I will occasionally be looking through artwork and find a princess or fairy that looks nothing like they are supposed to and definitely has a Joan Rivers vibe goin' on.

What do you think?

Down Syndrome Princess? Maybe a botched botox?
I'm not even sure who this is supposed to be.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Graphic design is a very skilled job that takes years to master, let alone keeping up with evolving software, new techniques, and never ending demands of stupid people that have no idea what goes on between concept and execution but want everything
now now NOW!!!

But I'm not going to rant about the plight of my people...blah blah blah, we all know that graphic designer humor is only funny to graphic designers anyway and there's already plenty of websites dedicated to that cause.

Anyone that knows me can vouch that I will do anyone I know (and like) a favor whenever I can, especially if it's for something I actually enjoy. But it is funny to fuck with people you don't know when they make the mistake of asking stupid favors...which no one does it better than David Thorne. So when I was approached to "do a favor" for a friend of a friend of a friend to design some Natural Gas logo, a job I'm pretty sure they were getting paid to do in the first place but didn't have the skills to produce, I couldn't help but take double the amount of time it would have taken me to give them a real logo to make the logo below with the following email:

Hello and and thank you for the opportunity to do you this favor. I normally don't do such requests as I am very busy doing things I actually enjoy, but since me and my family are such huge contributors to the natural gas epidemic, I am so glad that it is finally being put to such a good use as a source of energy and that I could help out. Although the other logos you had designed were supremely awesome, I thought your company deserved a little more brand recognition instead of just googling other natural gas companies and plugging in your name in their logo, so I hope you enjoy my version below!
Your pal,
When David sends ridiculous things, he always adds a jabbing retort and people fight back and forth with him, but my logo must have offended too much or too little because I never even got a response.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011


John K. had written a post a couple weeks ago explaining his rendering style and showing a couple fun drawings of perky girlies, so it just got me in the mood to color. I had also received an email from Blik, the wall decal company about a decal contest, so I wanted to submit something, even if or ESPECIALLY if it was really silly. It probably won't win (upon further inspection of the contest they are actually looking for awful, no talent, ballpoint pen scribbly hipster art), but I have to think there are few people that can look at this and not at least crack a smile. He's just so sinister in his wiggling. Would anyone like to see a Wiggler figurine next?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meat Lover

inspired by samson's bratty attitude of pushing his food bowl into my feet when he's hungry and his insistence on eating anything i drop on the floor, regardless if it's edible or not.
Samson is like chuck Norris....he doesn't sleep...he waits.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Wiggler

Im ma doodlebutt..

More formidable than The

he wiggles his butt to the all norms of society and everything and anything else that he doesn't like. There's a little Wiggler in all of when you come across something to your disliking...just remember to give that tail a shake!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've been working on and off on these since the last Preston Blair drawings post...but I am amused at how much I seem to be improving. Although, I would be much more pleased if I was able to do these out of my head instead of copying. Ahh...the frustrating beginnings of any new art form...

I have been watching the Golden Collection of looney tunes as I work too...funny how watching them instantly transforms me into a little kid again...not that that's hard to do.

I've posted the pages of the book along side my drawings for reference. As you can see I'm only half way through the 2nd page. Nothing beats cartoon expressions...


click to enlarge

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jimmy The Head Monster- Part 2

After a week of illness and a brief bout with laziness, I have returned with an update on Jimmy's progress. It's only about 50 degrees in the lab lately, so is it IMPOSSIBLE to try and smooth anything in the rock hard clay, but i've added his eyeballs in, and sculpted more fat rolls, hand details, and he's just exuding more personality with every stroke of my hand. I'm used to working much larger, so this is an interesting challenge of fighting my impatience with my attention to detail. There are a lot of subtle details that sadly my camera refuses to pick up on, like how all the flesh and his eye socket is being pulled by his disgusting neck goiter...but it's probably just because I'm lighting the photos like an asshole. I also finally started working on the back of him, which I've been avoiding...but you get no pictures of that yet :-P Critiques?

click to enlarge

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



So i've been trying to draw more...which so far has mostly been quick doodles in my crappy lined notebook. Also, most of them involve stylizing sketches of my love, my light, my child...Samson the beloved bulldog...and anyone that knows Samson knows how much he loves giving high fives and tens. Not sure why this doodle amuses me so much...

And now for something completely different