Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Websites and John Bastow

If you run websites or have ever had one, you know how EXTREMELY annoying buying a domain name is.

Sometimes your own goddamn name is owned by somebody already-

EX. sorry John Bastow, we don't care that you're a crappy wedding photographer from England for over 25 years, this is the guy that will always and forever be before you on your google search!

Fortunately, I have a unique enough name that the domain isn't flying off the shelf anytime soon, BUT I would never want my ACTUAL name as a domain anyway because that would add a level of professionalism that I never hope to achieve.

With that being said, i do have a fair share of websites under pseudonyms and company names and whatnot that do require unique domain names. So you struggle for days just to come up with any usable options.

Next step- Instantdomainsearch.com for the judge and jury...

1) FlawedbyDesign.com- taken
2) TenthMuse.com- taken
3) RecklessBeauty.com- taken
4) ExileDesigns.com- taken
5) RecklessbyDesign.com- taken
6) Viperine.com- taken
7) Devolution- taken

...Ok....so all of my fucking ideas are already taken...superb. Back to the drawing board...

BUT AT LEAST they are all legit websites...even if some only have a pathetic homepage up.

But nowdays there are scoundrels, (some individuals, some actual full companies) that are dedicated to buying domain names that they feel that they can profit from.

A domain name that isn't bought costs $7.50 from go daddy....

BUT if your domain happens to have been bought by buydomains.com or some other sleezeball, they will charge you anywhere between $500 to $200,000. That's the highest one that I've seen, but they probably easily go higher when a certain trend pops up.

OR better yet, once you already have an established site, these same companies will buy the .nets or .orgs or anything close to your name that might be come up on a google search...then fill them with porn ads. Haha! Hope you were trying to sell dildos because you are now!

So...in the spirit of good ol' fashion nonsense. Here is a list of domain names that either should or shouldn't exist or at least shouldn't be taken, or are asking a ridiculous price.

1) BloodFarts.com- $4888
*BloodyFarts.com- also $4888
they've cornered the market on blood and farts!!!
2) ShakenBabies.com- taken
* Shaken-Babies.com- available
a reasonable alternative...
3) BondageGrannies.com- available
someone needs to take advantage of this
4) fuck 4
5) SatansPanties.com- available
* SatansPanties.net- taken
who the fuck buys the .net but not the .com...it's like $2 more?!
6) CarrotTop.com- taken
this must be destroyed...
7) PoopingBackandForth.com- available
again...someone needs to address this asap
8) EvenGodPoops.com- taken
* GodPoops.com- available
9) Hipster.com- $42,000
* HipstersDie.com- available
Well if it's cheaper to kill them...
10) AnimalMasturbation.com- taken
don't ask...
11) LlamaJuice.com- taken
12) Taken.com- taken
* Available.com- taken
well that just blew my mind...
13) SexOver80.com- taken
* SexOver90.com- available
watch out all you 89 year olds...once you hit the big 9-0, your porn days are over
15) HelloBooby.com- available
Sanrio should own this because I could do evil things...
16) GodGodGod.com- $2588
Er....is this sarcastic or is this is a candyman reference???

More to come...


  1. But seriously tho..r there people those r willing to pay for some stupid name?!?!like really?!?!?!

  2. BTW!!!Did u come up with all that names that haven't been taken?!u crazy...too much free times on hand?!!??LOL!!!!

  3. I would hope not...but than again I have absolutely no hope in humanity...
    sex.com sold for $12 million.
    porn.com sold for $9.5 million.

  4. morgansvagina.com is available! Just $11.44*/yr

  5. "Haha! Hope you were trying to sell dildos because you are now!" made me give a genuine guffaw. And I don't use that term lightly. Ever accidentally type facaebook.com instead of facebook? It leads to some confusion until you realize your error.