Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Friday, December 17, 2010


Who doesn't remember rushing home to watch nick toons? Back in the golden age of nickelodeon, with all their boundary-pushing cartoons and action-packed Mike O'Malley game shows, there would be few among us who doesn't revere Ren & Stimpy as simply one of the best cartoons of all time.

Now years later, as I attempt to delve into the world of animation, a craft that I have the utmost respect endless internet browsing has inevitably led me back to one man: John K, the creator of Ren & Stimpy.

While looking for animation tutorials, resources, and college courses, I stumbled across this website named ASIFA (The Hollywood Animation Archive) claming a "$100,000 animation course for FREE"! Best case scenario I was expecting tons of pop ups ads or one of those fake search engines with a bunch of bogus links.


The introduction said it all...schools are a waste of time and a shit ton of money, and anything you need to know you can learn from Preston Blair's book "Animation" which you can purchase for $8. And who's advice is this? JOHN K! HOLY CRAP!

The following pages are his personal lessons to those daring to try them and post their results for him to critique. This gesture struck me as something not just rare...but practically non-existent in today's world. As someone that has consistently offered my services for free or to teaching anyone that wants to learn what I know, I can tell you there's only really one reason that anyone would offer this without monetary reward: out of a pure love of their craft. So started my true intrigue of John K...

He also offers a link to his personal blog to follow, where it's just a GOLDMINE of inspiration- from tutorials to doodles to vintage comics and toys to his silly t-shirts.

Upon further stalking on his imdb profile, John K is a pretty infamous animator. He was fired for making a drug reference in the remake of the Mighty Mouse cartoon, then practically tricked Nickelodeon into buying into Ren & Stimpy, and calls Walt Disney the "blandest human on the planet" and that he ruined animation. He also blames Bambi and Lady in the Tramp for the "furry" fetish and regularly rants about how hippies destroyed modern entertainment.

"I just knew at the regular networks there was no way in the world they would buy my stuff undiluted. So I diluted it. I hid the Ren and Stimpy characters, surrounding them with a bunch of kids in a show called 'Your Gang.' And I made up a bogus pitch about it being socially conscious. I tricked 'em! I told 'em it was going to be unfunny; that it would be wiggly lines, nobody would be able to follow the stories, and nobody could identify with the characters. And they said, `Oh! That's exactly what we want!' And I totally lied." - John K.

After just 8 episodes, he was fired from Ren & Stimpy and Nickelodeon for arguing not only script but technique. He'll even use the alias "Raymond Spum" when he acts, writes or directs in a cartoon that gets edited in a way that he feels ruins it and robs it of his "artistic vision...he cares! HE ACTUALLY CARES! It's his passion and artist with integrity! What a breath of fresh air!
...not to mention he is extremely knowledgable, incredibly talented, and absolutely crazy.

John K on the impact of The Ren & Stimpy Show (1991): "I think we are destroying the minds of America, and that's been one of my lifelong ambitions."

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

He makes me have hope for humanity :-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


i first learned of ian through a mutual friends' youtube videos. from there, i managed to find out where he worked and promptly secured a job at a company on the floor above his, making my presence known only by what i refer to as "drive-by shoutings". then came our first meeting. after tireless hours of deception and theivery, i discovered his cellphone number and sent ambiguous texts through the workday about the eagle landing and it needing a bath. The conversation soon turned to scheming to meet at a secret location within the building in order to exchange not only words, but a pirate and a ketchup packet for a DVD and a cinnamon munchkin. the stage was set, but...would he show up??? was it a trap??? only time would tell...

it was approximately 2:33pm and I reaked of fresh turkey sandwich, but he seems to only slightly wince as i introduced myself as his #1 stalker, i mean fan. The exchange of gifts and awkward glances was but a moment, as I knew I couldn't stay. I rushed back upstairs to stuff the munchkin in my mouth and watch the DVD. I could only hope that Ian was enjoying his ketchup packet and pirate just as much. I learned later from my many sources that ian left his job that very day. Apparently my pirate contained a treasure map that had never discovered within its booty. Although it was just a collectible toy from a happy meal, ian had a feverish idea that it was sending him out on a quest....a quest across america on his motorcycle.

although this is an amazingly awesome idea, it did make stalking him a bit more tedious. i immediately quit my stupid job and spend most of my time now taking his facebook photos and redrawing them as cartoons. (as pictured above) AND! to religiously follow his super awesome blog that he updates constantly about his whereabouts and all the cool stuff he's doing and seeing. he refuses to pay for lodging, dumpster dives for food, and hurts his butt. i recommend anyone ridiculous enough to of actually read this whole post to support him by following his blog.

when I happened to notice that ian had more followers on his blog than me, i naturally challenged him to a battle to the death. He opted for a more peaceful alternative and suggested we cross-pollinate our weirdo friends and followers. Although it seemed like a radical hippie idea and already had my battleaxe in hand, I agreed under one circumstance- I get a turtle drawing, as it's the only form of currency I use.

Coming soon: the dangers of shark apparel