Friday, October 16, 2009


within the ranks of sketch comedy, a few groups stand out for having their own bizarre brand of comedy. now if you took kids in the hall, upright citizens brigade, and the whitest kids you know and wrapped them all up in a sleeping bag and beat the crap out of them...and took all their money, you'd have sick kids productions. this dark side of comedy is brought to you by these silly motherfuckers:
they been around for quite a while and have been perfecting their madness through short skits that are posted on youtube here: Youtubey goodness!

but luckily for humanity, they have finally taken time out of their busy bedazzling
schedules to put out their first full length DVD, nuclear justice. You will laugh like that tim
e grandma shit her pants during Thanksgiving dinner...when you know it's funny but you know
you're not supposed to laugh...
needless to will never look at john travolta or steering wheel covers in the same way. dare I say more?
and the best part...did i mention that it's available for FREE through their facebook fan page here:

Sick Kids Productions Fan Page

Just message them your address and you'll receive their gay porn....i mean...comedy DVD right away!

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