Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my goggle collection

so i've never been one to collect things...well, that's not true. i have more crap than your grandma. but i've never sat down and said to myself that i'm going to buy completely superfluous things and call it a hobby...until now. last summer was the season of the pirate. this summer (and probably far beyond), i've decided to go with the mad scientist theme. and what does a mad scientist need? GOGGLES. and lots of them...why? because it's mad...and just plain awesome. so i figured i would debut the "collection here" and have a record of the humble beginnings!
1. Photobucket
and nothing is more humble than this pair...which started it all. these babies were originally purchased as super cool swim goggles...because they are...but have been floating into my costume wardrobe for years, being involved most notably with my oompa loompa costume, as well as my more recent website promotion photoshoot as a...what else? mad scientist!

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i overcame my fear of purchasing wearable items on ebay to buy these...but alas was a tad disappointed to find out that the lenses were clear. i mean...sure...they are probably one the most practical goggles that this collection will see, but i was looking forward to sporting these as sunglasses on the beach in an all white bikini...let's take a moment to soak in just how awesome that would look...

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if i may divert your attention to this amazing eyewear, do note the biohazard symbols on the lenses because they are hysterical. instant classics...and i'll finally fit in with those supercool cyber goth kids!

so i know its a little early to be picking FAVORITES, but holy crap, i love these things. in their short life, they have already seen a day at the office, a work bbq, a date, a midnight underwear cookie-making party, and a fleetwood mac concert and were a big hit in all scenarios. whether on my head or adorning my face, they just make everything a little better.

that's it for now, but off to a good start!

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