Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Beginning

come one! come all! welcome to my ASYLUM!
let me just say that as i sit here spinning around in my wonderful leather chair, goggles on and marker in hand...i can't help but look at the blank screen, cross my eyes, cock my head and think how much i'm stumped for a good introduction...and also notice how im all of a sudden scared to start a sentence with a capital letter. I....AHHHHH....I.....AHHHHHahahaha

...perhaps i shall refrain from the shift and caps locks keys altogether then...

anyway...if i may be so bold as to proclaim a "mission statement" for this here blog...i happen to have it written on the bottom of my feet.

Mission Statement Feet

So i hope that clears up any confusion...and turns on my foot fetish fans...if you didn't catch the foot pun, shame on you.

Stay tunes, my minions. There will be more madness to follow...we don't take ourselves too seriously around here...

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