Tuesday, February 5, 2013


On nothing more than a plea for inspiration via facebook, i inadvertantly and unapologetically started an art war amongst my friends.

I said that who ever posted a drawing of me on my page, i would in turn draw a portrait of them...yet somewhere along the line...we lost control. All of a sudden merely commenting on one of the pictures made you a target of a satirical cartooning. Friends that weren't involved at all suddenly were being dragged in and make fun of as well. 

I gladly will take credit for the hilarious chaos!

Here is a taste of the ones I recieved and my illustrated retorts. Most of them probably warrant some kind of an explanation, which is precisely why I'm not giving any!

1. Morgan vs. Melissa

2. Morgan vs. Ian

3. Morgan vs. Daniel/Gerald

 4. Morgan vs. Carly

5. Morgan vs. Kreg

6. Morgan vs. Ciao

7. Morgan vs. Lindsay

8. Morgan vs. Cesar


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