Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Everyone's favorite cartoon characters: Morgue Anne & Peppertin.

If you are familiar with my "real" website then you have seen my little cartoony butt doing a few silly mad scientist things already. Peppertin is my caricature for my adorable lab assistant that is always mistreated and can be quite quirky while accomplishing all the actual work that i take the credit for.  

This was the 1st post I did with these characters, although i have adapted a little more humanistic vibe to my character and my drawing skills have improved iiiiiimmensely! I really debated making my skin fleshy and adding a hint of boobies, but dammit I'm keeping the antennae! I'd like to think I'm distantly related to Marvin the Martian.

I figure Peppertin's masochistic tendencies keep him loyal to Morgue Anne no matter how terrible she treats him and how little credit he gets, but sometimes JUST SOMETIMES he concocts a plan to overthrow her.  So here's a rough sketch i did some time ago and had posted previously here

 Damn you, Peppertin knowing all my weaknesses.

 Here is the inking from Illustrator. Mmmm clean lines.

 And here's the final rendered in photoshop.
 Make sure you click the image for the full view ;-)


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