Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kickin' it old school for Chris!

Why were we taking these pictures? Could it be that I briefly thought that disposable cameras were the best invention ever? Or maybe just as proof to our future selves that we were, in fact, awesome. My room was kind of like walking into a Spencer's gifts on an acid trip after it was just trampled by a few dinosaurs.
"Hi I'm Chris"
Nice hat!
Not only a glimpse of Chris in his "I know Kung Fu" outfit, BUT the amazing shocked/horrified face of a guy who's girlfriend just showed up at your house with a shaved head.
This is how 11 cokes look in the backseat of a Mercury Sable.
The infamous 11 cokes picture.
We were way too cool to go to prom like normal kids. I make my own fucking limo.
Quick, guys. Let me take awkward photos of you in front of the house before you go!
And at Chris' house too!
We are kind of adorable though...
Prom a couple years later too! Dyaaamn.

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