Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jimmy The Head Monster- Part 2

After a week of illness and a brief bout with laziness, I have returned with an update on Jimmy's progress. It's only about 50 degrees in the lab lately, so is it IMPOSSIBLE to try and smooth anything in the rock hard clay, but i've added his eyeballs in, and sculpted more fat rolls, hand details, and he's just exuding more personality with every stroke of my hand. I'm used to working much larger, so this is an interesting challenge of fighting my impatience with my attention to detail. There are a lot of subtle details that sadly my camera refuses to pick up on, like how all the flesh and his eye socket is being pulled by his disgusting neck goiter...but it's probably just because I'm lighting the photos like an asshole. I also finally started working on the back of him, which I've been avoiding...but you get no pictures of that yet :-P Critiques?

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  1. He looks really good with his eyes in. Can I be his Godmother?