Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Ok, so this is pretty old news, but i just found this again and it still astounds me....

For my newer crowd, i'll catch you up to speed- a friend of mine and I started a horror photography company back in 2007 called They Walk By Night Productions, back before any asswad with an iphone and fake blood thought taking scaaaary pictures was cool...it's originally how i got into doing fx makeup. If you are interested in checking out our photos, most of them are on my website under my FX portfolio www.morgue-anne.com

So we handed out hundreds of stickers and postcards to promote our website that looked like this:
About two years and change later, I get a hysterical call from my friend Nicole, the model in this picture, saying that this guy friended her on myspace because he got her TATTOOED on him.

She didn't know whether to be freaked out or feel honored, but i thought it was pretty fucking bad-ass, especially because it was a complete stranger that decided our art was iconic enough to be on him forever.