Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let's Make a Movie!

here's the official craigslist ad that keeps getting flagged and taken down for no reason.



Anyone into horror should jump on the chance to work on this! We will be shooting on weekends in March.

It's a very innovative script for a horror/dark comedy Christmas creature movie. It was written and is being produced by 2 FX make-up artists and a stuntman/character actor, so the story is not only witty/creepy/scary, but visually will be quite stunning with the right crew and equipment to shoot it with.

I'm looking for creative and highly motivated people on board to realize our vision. Horror nerds a plus- we do love our genre!


SOUND - Like any movie, sound is going to be extremely important so anyone with sound equipment or knowledge of it.

CAMERA -Someone that owns and operates their own professional digital camera with an audio input is ideal. We really have no budget, but I am willing to pay what i can for someone with the right equipment and skills to make this happen.

LIGHTS- I'm looking for a talented DP that would like to gain great experience and work with me to set creepy and scary moods with little money. I want to get someone on board first and then discuss with them what lights and equipment we'll need for the script.


JOEY: Age 10-14 boy- really badly behaved kid.

SANTA: Big, over-weight male. A very disheveled Santa. Beard not necessary, but preferred.

MR. HINERITZ: School Principal looking male. Age 30-60 German accent (real or fake)

Email me with your resume or examples of your work or whatever you have, and what you're interested in, as well as your contact information.

Payment is little to none, unfortunately, but like I said- we are make up artists, so a share of trades is always an option, too.


  1. Not sure...we still need locations...but somewhere in the NJ/NY area. We need an office, a principal's office, and a two story house.